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Polyurethane catalyst organic hydrazine
Edit:Nantong Yutai Chemical Products Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-10-11

The organotin catalyst is a metal organic compound formed by direct contact between tin and carbon. The formula RnSnX4- ( n=1-4 , R is an alkyl group or an aromatic group). There are two types of alkyl tin compounds and aromatic compounds. It is fundamentally constructed with an alternative, two alternatives, three substitutes and four substitutes (referring to the number of R ). 10-20% of the tin production value is used to form an organotin compound.

Organotin catalysts are commonly used in the production of polyurethanes and the like, especially in polyurethane foams, coatings, elastomers, adhesives, resins, and the like. Because the effect of steric hindrance on catalytic activity decreases with increasing temperature, replacing the group with smaller steric hindrance with a more sterically hindered alkyl group can make the organotin compound have higher stability, hydrolysis resistance and Delaying the catalytic activity, for example by replacing dibutyltin with dioctyltin, can delay the catalysis. The use of dialkyltin dimaleate or alkyl tin dithiolate in place of dibutyltin dilaurate can improve hydrolytic stability. The tin thiolate containing a large alkyl group has high stability and delayed catalysis of two utility catalysts, and what is an organotin catalyst such as dioctyltin thiolate.

Polyurethane catalyst :

DY-20 : high content organic ruthenium catalyst, less foaming, shorter service life, less post-cure effect than organotin, used in polyurethane synthetic leather, adhesive, elastomer, coating, polyurethane foam.

DY-28 : environmentally friendly tin catalyst, no EU-constrained nine types of organotin, used in polyurethane synthetic leather, adhesives, coatings, etc. The activity is similar to dibutyltin dilaurate , and the formulation does not need major changes.

DY-65 : organozinc catalyst, lower activity promoter.