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Tributyltin oxide

Tributyltin oxide
Product Details

CAS No.: 818-08-6

Molecular formula: C 8 H 18 0Sn

Molecular weight: 248.94

Physical properties:

Soluble in hydrochloric acid, insoluble in water and organic solvents. It ignites white or yellowish powder in case of fire, but may dissolve in the reaction of organic acids, alcohols and esters.


Appearance: white powder

Tin content: 47.5±0.5%

Chlorine content: ≤0.3%

Water: ≤1.0%


Tributyltin oxide is a raw material for plastic stabilizers, a polyurethane catalyst, an organotin intermediate, and an esterification catalyst. It can be used to synthesize a series of organotin products of lauric acid type, maleic acid type and mercaptan type. Synthetic or used as a catalyst in the paint, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries.


Store in a cool and dry warehouse, and close the lid in time to reduce contact with air.

Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes, and rinse with plenty of water immediately after contamination.

Store and transport separately from oxidants and food. The storage period is valid for 1 year.

The work site should be well ventilated to avoid contact with dust. After work, shower and change clothes. Store contaminated clothing separately and wash it before use. Maintain good hygiene practices.


25Kg/ cardboard drum

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