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High activity tin

High activity tin
Product Details

Model: HTPC-3

Similar brands at home and abroad: U-303


The high-activity tin catalyst is a high-activity organic tin synthesized by imported advanced technology, which can replace imported similar products. Its activity and catalytic rate are much higher than dibutyltin dilaurate. It is widely used in silicone, silane modified polyurethane and other industries. For some special products with faster curing speed, it can be solidified quickly, which is more conducive to later construction.

Typical physical properties:

Chemical name: Dibutyltin mixture

Traits: light yellow close to colorless liquid.

Content: ≥99%

Melting point: <>

Density: 1.155 (30 ° C)


1. Highly active tin is used for room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber with better deep curing effect.

2. The curing speed of the product is better than that of dibutyltin acetate, which overcomes the disadvantage of the great taste of dibutyl acetate, and has good storage property in the later stage.

3. Its activity and catalytic rate are much higher than dibutyltin dilaurate.


Storage conditions: dry and ventilated, avoid contact with water. Keep away from heat, heat, open flames and ignition sources and avoid direct sunlight.


25KG/plastic drum or 50KG/plastic bucket

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