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Dibutyltin dilaurate

Dibutyltin dilaurate
Product Details

Molecular formula: C 32 H 64 O 4 Sn

Molecular weight: 631.56


Tin content: 18.50 ± 0.50%

Chromaticity: ≤100#

Volatile: ≤0.50%

Solubility: colorless or light yellow oily liquid


1. Dibutyltin dilaurate is a multi-purpose catalyst, which is especially suitable for the crosslinking reaction of polyurethane and the condensation reaction of silanol.

2. The complete reaction of the alcohol and isocyanic acid can be accelerated during the synthesis of the polyurethane.


1. Dibutyltin dilaurate is suitable for two-component polyurethane cross-linking coatings for automotive paints, industrial paints and wood lacquers.

2. It is suitable for silicone room temperature vulcanized silica gel for adhesives and caulks.

3, mainly used in polyurethane rigid foam, spray, casting, polyurethane adhesive.

4, can also be used as a heat stabilizer for PVC heat shrinkable packaging film, pearlescent or transparent pellets, transparent shoes, semi-rigid transparent film, transparent hose and transparent curtain, PVC snakeskin tube.

5. Dibutyltin dilaurate is used in silane cable materials and used as a catalyst.

6. As an ester crosslinking catalyst in the synthesis of polyester resin.


25KG/barrel, 200 KG/barrel

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