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Environmentally friendly catalyst

Environmentally friendly catalyst
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1. Environmentally friendly catalyst ZN content: 19%.

2. The reaction rate is slow compared to the ruthenium and zinc catalysts.

3. Very effective cross-linking catalyst, the finished product surface is not sticky.


We use a bismuth-zinc composite environmentally friendly catalyst to replace the mercury catalyst and add zinc to strengthen the post-cure. In order to meet the requirements of adjusting the gel state or replacing some customers with mercury catalyst, we have developed a bimetallic bismuth-zinc composite catalyst. In this kind of catalyst, ruthenium provides the gel speed required for curing, and polyurethane is formed at a high selectivity and high rate. As a slower gel and a better crosslinking catalyst, zinc can lower the acidity of the system and accelerate the reaction. Union.
The user can adjust the gel state by changing the concentration of the two metals in the system. For example, by adding zinc in the organic zinc system, the operation time in the kettle during the induction period is prolonged, and post-cure is promoted. Due to the different reaction systems of the users, the zinc bismuth is not the same. Keep the amount of sputum unchanged, and add different amounts of zinc to test, control the proportion of bismuth zinc between 1:1 and 1:10, and find the ratio of bismuth to zinc suitable for your system.


25KG/barrel, 50KG/barrel

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