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Polyurethane catalyst

Polyurethane catalyst
Product Details

model Metal content
20% Bi
Bi-28 28%Bi


1. A selective polyurethane gel catalyst;

2. Compared with the tin catalyst, the selectivity to the NCO group is better, and the mechanical properties of the finished product are better;

3. The induction time is short and the viscosity is gradually increased.

Advantages of organic bismuth polyurethane catalyst

1. Safe and environmentally friendly catalysts, which can replace lead-mercury catalysts and tin catalysts that are being abolished by legislation;

2. The ruthenium catalyst has better hydrolysis resistance stability than the tin catalyst, and reduces the selectivity of reaction with water. In the aqueous PU dispersion, the side reaction of water and NCO group is reduced;

3. Promote NCO/OH reaction, avoid NCO side reaction, and reduce CO2 formation;

4. Freeing the water-shielded amines in a one-component system rather than promoting the reaction of NCO with water;

5. The synergistic effect of the bismuth-zinc combination makes the formulation and production more flexible, reducing energy consumption and increasing profits;

6. Can be used alone or as an auxiliary catalyst in combination with an amine or other organometallic compound;

Bi polyurethane catalysts can be used in the following products

product coating adhesive Sealant Elastomer TPU Dispersant Spray polyurea
Resin paste



Packing: 25kg/barrel, 50 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel

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