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Tributyl fluoride

Tributyl fluoride
Product Details

Chemical Chinese name: tributyl fluoride fluoride; tributyltin fluoride

English name of the chemical: Tri-butyltin fluoride; Fluorotributylstannane

CasNo.: 1983-10-4

Molecular formula: C 12 H 27 FSn

Molecular weight: 309.08

Physical properties

Melting point: 269-271 ° C (lit)

Density: 1.28g/cm3

Flash point: >150°C


Appearance: white powder

SN content: 38.5% ± 0.5%


Tributyltin fluoride used as insecticide, plastic mold inhibitor and organic synthesis

For pharmaceutical intermediates


Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse; keep away from fire, heat; prevent direct sunlight; package seal;


If the eyes are in contact with the product, please lift the eyelids, rinse with running water or saline and seek medical advice. If inhaled, please quickly leave the site to fresh air and keep the airway open. If swallowed, drink plenty of warm water, induce vomiting and seek medical attention.

Environmental hazards:

Tributyltin fluoride has a stimulating effect on the mucosa. It is obviously toxic to the central nervous system and can cause toxic neurasthenia syndrome; in severe cases, it can cause toxic encephalopathy. Explain toxic fluorine fumes in case of heat

Hazardous characteristics:

In case of fire, high heat and flammable; decomposed by high heat, releasing toxic fumes

Fire fighting methods and extinguishing agents:

Foam, carbon dioxide, water, sand

Packing: 25KG/barrel

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